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Trust Administration

There are many forms of trusts, as outlined on our "Legal Services - Estate Planning - Trusts" page.  Our office assists clients not only in the creation of all of these trusts, however.  We also provide ongoing assistance in the funding, management, and taxation of assets held in trust during a Donor's (i.e. creator's) lifetime.  Eventually, that typically culminates in trust termination - frequently upon the death of the beneficiary(ies) - and there are paperwork and tax filing requirements to be satisfied at that juncture, as well.  Further, our office advises on how to administer lingering provisions after the trust terminates (e.g., if there are minor children or disabled beneficiaries at issue) and we are frequently called upon by clients to act as a trustee at one or more of the above junctures.

Contact our office to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys to review and discuss your existing trust or your need/desire to develop one.

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