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Our approach to real estate transactions is best-described as "concierge" in nature, where we provide a more personalized and "hands-on" approach than you will find in a traditional real estate firm. This has developed in response to our clients' desire for a more specialized, responsive and comprehensive level of advice. Regardless of whether we are handling a straightforward real estate transaction or a complicated one requiring Probate Court and/or Land Court title clearing/approval, we provide a detail-oriented approach from an initial Offer, through the drafting and negotiation of the contract between the parties (known as a "Purchase and Sale Agreement"), and all the way through Closing.

With over 25 years of real estate experience in our firm, we specialize in the following:

Residential and commercial transactions for both Buyer and Seller;

Third Party Contract and Purchase and Sale Agreement negotiations;

Title clearing services, including but not limited to all requisite Probate Court and Land Court processes, current and missing mortgage and lien releases/discharges and any other related title defects to the property;

Land conveyancing processes and permitting with State and municipal agencies, including but not limited to Title 5, environmental remediation issues, and subdivision permitting and approval;

Estate, Trust and interfamily contracts and negotiations for property/land conveyances;

Mediation and negotiation with interfamily conveyancing and eviction for property; and

Contracts and monetary settlement negotiations with federal, State and local government agencies as well as with private sector institutions.

If you would like to inquire further as to our real estate services, please call our office at 978-772-2442 ext. 5 and speak with Paralegal, Angela Donahue.

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